Morgan Freeman Shells Out $1M to Pro-Obama Super-PAC (Report)

"The Dark Knight Rises" star joins an elite group of donors, including Bill Maher and Jeffrey Katzenberg, to back Priorities USA Action


Morgan Freeman really, really wants President Obama to stay in the White House.

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So much so that the actor was willing to dig deep to make a $1 million donation to Priorities USA Action, the Super-PAC dedicated to clinching a second term for Obama at the polls this November.

“President Obama has done a remarkable job in historically difficult circumstances,” Freeman said in a statement published on Politico on Thursday, pointing to big moments from the president’s first term in office, including pulling American troops from Iraq, putting the heat on Wall Street and enacting health care reform.

Freeman also praised Priorities USA action, saying the Super-PAC is “doing a great job of protecting the values I believe in. I am happy to help them and I hope others will join me.”

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In making his super-sized contribution, Freeman joined an elite and very small circle of donors, including DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg and “Real Time” host Bill Maher, who have given a million or more to the president’s cause. Katzenberg tops that list with a $2M pledge made in May 2011.

But after this weekend’s “The Dark Knight Rises” opening, Freeman, who plays Lucius Fox in the last installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman series, may barely register such a sizeable hit to his wallet. As of Thursday, the film, which bows Friday in North America, is expected to open in the $170 to $195 million range at the box office.