The Muppets Sink Their Teeth Into ‘Twilight’

Kermit and his crew bleed the vampire craze for laughs

Last Updated: November 15, 2011 @ 4:22 PM

Looks like Kermit and his pals have decided to bite "Twilight"'s style.

The latest round of posters for the upcoming big-screen offering "The Muppets" have been released, and this time out everyone's favorite felt-covered entertainers have decided to lampoon the highly popular "Twilight" series — the penultimate installment of which, "Breaking Dawn — Part 1," perhaps not so coincidentally comes out a few days before "The Muppets"' Nov. 23 release date.

Kermit takes on the role of Edward Cullen — or, rather, the Vamphibian — while Miss Piggy fills the role of Bella Swan alter-ego Bella Swine.

What — a vampire-themed spoof, and somehow, the Count gets left out?

Glaring omission notwithstanding, you have to admire the effort.