The Muppets Spoof ‘Green Lantern’ in New Trailer (Video)

Kermit and the crew take a friendly poke at the latest entry in the superhero-movie genre

The wise-cracking wags at the Onion aren't the only ones having a little fun at the expense of "Green Lantern."

Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and the rest of the Muppets gang get in a little dug at the Ryan Reynolds/Blake Lively superhero flick — opening on Friday — in the latest trailer for the upcoming big-screen offering "The Muppets."

The new tease for the movie , which hits theaters on November 23, puts a heroic spin on Kermit's longstanding motto, "It's not easy being green." And, in the interest of fairness, the trailer gets in a dig at itself — toward the end, writer/star Jason Segel asks his felt-based castmates, ""Wait stop. is this another Muppets trailer parody? Why don't we show a real trailer? I mean, what are we hiding? Did we make the movie in Swedish or something?"

No doubt the Chef would be happy about that prospect…

Watch the Muppets go green in the name of satire in the video below.