New ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer: Bane, Bombs and Batman

Explosive new evidence that Christopher Nolan’s superhero flick will be a gripping affair

UPDATE, 5:55 p.m.: Sorry, Bat-fans; the video has been pulled by request of the studio. As consolation, check out the teaser-trailer for "The Dark Knight Rises" below:


The latest trailer for the upcoming superhero epic "The Dark Knight Rises" has leaked its way onto the Internet, and while the clip looks like it was captured on a Fisher-Price PXL camera with a Vaseline-coated lens and manned by a hummingbird, it does offer some key insights into Christopher Nolan's upcoming movie.

Namely, that Bane is going to be a formidable adversary, and that lots of stuff is gonna get blown up real good.

"The Dark Knight Rises" hits theaters July 20. Dig into the the latest clip here. (WARNING: Could contain spoilers, and may well cause motion sickness.)