Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Make ‘Star Wars’ Even More Awesome (Video)

‘Paul’ co-stars re-imagine a sci-fi classic

It's a shame that George Lucas didn't have Simon Pegg and Nick Frost around as consultants when he made all of those changes in the "Star Wars" re-releases.

Pegg and Frost — who co-star in the upcoming sci-fi geek odyssey "Paul" (in theaters on March 18) — took time out from filming their buddy flick to create a scene-for-scene reshoot of "Star Wars."

Unfortunately, at least for those who enjoy watching sacred cinematic cows get butchered, only one scene was lensed. It's uncertain why the project only made it that far — clearly, they didn't blow the budget on costumes and all sorts of fancy special effects.

Watch Pegg and Frost get their droid on in the video (via College Humor) below.