Spec Market Roundup — February 2011’s Sales

Analysis: The Scoggins Report is our bi-weekly update of Hollywood’s feature film script market

The Scoggins Report is our bi-weekly analysis of the feature film development business. The numbers in the reports are comprehensive but by no means official statistics.  You can download a PDF of this week's edition here, and details on each of the people, companies and projects in the article are available to subscribers of ItsontheGrid.com, a division of TheWrap.  Follow the site's Twitter feed here, and the Facebook page is here.


As you’ll see, there’s plenty to be optimistic about in the below breakdowns. Familiar faces from 2010 like Esola and Fenton are mixed in with fresh ones like Kessman and Karp, and half of the month’s sales went to four major buyers (Disney, DreamWorks, Sony and Warner Bros.), two of which hadn’t bought spec scripts in a year. But there are two obvious standout stories from last month’s spec market:

Two companies sold 3 specs each in February:  CAA and Gersh.  WME and Circle of Confusion are close behind with 2 each.

Gersh’s Greg Pedicin and Circle’s David Alpert were on fire individually last month:  Each sold two specs.

Here’s a snapshot of the raw numbers, with year-over-year comparisons since 2009:


Weekly Activity Breakdown

Week of January 31:

8 scripts hit the tracking boards, 1 of which has sold (“Harker”)

Week of February 7:

6 scripts hit the boards, 1 of which sold (“Line of Sight”)

2 additional sales were reported (“Voices from the Dead” and “Good Time Gang”)

Week of February 14:

13 scripts hit the boards, none of which have sold

2 additional sales were reported (“Article III” and “Stash House”)

Week of February 21 (President’s Day):

6 scripts hit the boards, none of which have sold

3 additional sales were reported (“Something Cliqued,” “Inherit the Earth” and “Zombie Pet Shop”)


Genre Breakdown


Spec Sales (alphabetical by title)

Article III

Writers:  Aaron Tracy

Reps:  CAA (Grant Kessman)

Buyer:  Route One Films

Genre:  Thriller


Good Time Gang

Writers:  Max Landis

Reps:  WME (David Karp) and Circle of Confusion (Britton Rizzio and David Alpert)

Buyer:  RCR Pictures

Genre:  Action comedy

Attachments:  RCR’s Robin Schorr and Chris Ferguson will produce.



Writer:  Lee Shipman & Brian McGreevy

Reps:  Paradigm (Trevor Astbury) and Mad Hatter (Michael Connolly)

Buyer:  Warner Bros.

Genre:  Horror

Attachments:  Jaume Collet-Serra will direct. Appian Way’s Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Davisson Killoran will produce along with Connolly.

Notes:  Project is a re-imagining of Bram Sroker’s Dracula. Mike Ireland will oversee for Appian Way.


Inherit the Earth (aka “Robots vs Zombies”)

Writers:  J.T. Petty

Reps:  CAA (David Kopple) and Circle of Confusion (Lawrence Mattis and David Alpert)

Buyer:  Sony

Genre:  Sci-Fi Horror

Attachments:  The Soon-to-Be-Named Yorn Company’s Rick Yorn and Julie Yorn will produce along with Platinum Dunes’ Michael Bay, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller and Circle’s Alpert, Mattis and Rick Jacobs.

Notes:  Based on the IDW Publishing graphic novel. Project originally went out in July 2010. Jonathan Kadin and Hannah Minghella will oversee for Sony.


Line of Sight

Writers:  Scott Frazier

Reps:  WME (Mike Esola) and H2F (Chris Fenton)

Buyer:  Warner Bros.

Genre:  Action thriller

Attachments:  Silver Pictures’ Joel Silver, Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman

Notes:  Sarah Schechter will oversee for the studio.


Something Cliqued

Writers:  Karen Bloch Morse

Reps:  Gersh (Eric Garfinkel) and Underground (Trevor Engelson)

Buyer:  Disney

Genre:  Teen comedy

Attachments:  Panay Films’ Andrew Panay will produce along with Underground’s Engelson and Nick Osborne.

Notes:  Tendo Nagenda and Erin Westerman will oversee for Disney; Alex Ankeles will oversee for Panay.


Stash House

Writers:  Gary Spinelli

Reps:  Gersh (Greg Pedicin and Frank Wuliger) and ROAR (Josh Adler and Mike Goldberg)

Buyer:  Dark Castle

Genre:  Thriller


Voices From The Dead

Writers:  J. Michael Straczynski

Reps:  CAA (Chris Harbert)

Buyer:  DreamWorks

Genre:  Mystery thriller


Zombie Pet Shop

Writers:  E.L. Katz

Reps:  Gersh (Greg Pedicin) and Generate (Jeremy Platt)

Buyer:  The Animation Picture Company

Genre:  Family horror (3D animation)

Attachments:  The Animation Picture Company’s John Davis, Dan Chuba and Mark Dippe will produce along with Davis Entertainment’s Brian Manis and Silver Nitrate’s Ash Shah.  Platt will co-produce.



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