Spec Market Scorecard – Stats through March 18, 2011

Analysis: The Scoggins Report is our bi-weekly analysis of Hollywood’s feature film script market

The Scoggins Report is our bi-weekly analysis of the feature film development business. The numbers in the reports are comprehensive but by no means official statistics. You can download the PDF of this week's edition here, and details on each of the people, companies and projects in the article are available to subscribers of ItsontheGrid.com, a division of TheWrap. Follow the site's Twitter feed here, and the Facebook page is here.


We’re at the midpoint of 2011‘s spring selling season, and green shoots just keep popping up all over the place. Here are the juiciest tidbits about the past month’s spec market:

• No fewer than seven studios bought specs since the last scorecard (!), five of which hadn’t gotten on the board yet this year: Disney, DreamWorks, Fox, Summit and Universal.

Columbia Pictures leapfrogged Warner Bros. in the last couple of weeks to take the lead for most spec purchases so far in 2011 (3, to WB’s 2). That pace is closer to its 2009 numbers (5) than last year’s (1).

Gersh has the best record among the agencies so far: It's tied with CAA and WME for the most spec sales (4), but on fewer attempts, so its efficiency rating is all the way up at 67%. Last year, the top three at this point in the season were APA and ICM (3 sales each) and UTA (2).

And here’s one more datapoint, slightly off-topic but just as encouraging as the above: In addition to the 10 specs the studios have have bought so far this year, they’ve also bought 10 pitches. If you add those to the mix, Columbia’s still in the lead with four new projects, but Fox and Universal would also be ahead of Warner Bros., with three each. 

The following are the first couple of grids from the full report. Click through the link in the opening paragraph to view (and print, and download) the rest of them (Spec Sales by Buyer, Spec Sales by Sellers).


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