‘Sunday Billy Sunday’ Gets a Concept Trailer

Proposed adaptation of Mark Wheaton's ebook centers on a priest who picks up mixed messages from God leading to bloody chaos

After watching this concept trailer for "Sunday Billy Sunday," you may think twice about going camping again. 

Shot by indie director  Morna Ciraki, the footage draws frights from sexual and religious imagery.

Ciraki enlisted Emmy-winning makeup artist Dean Jones, and stunt coordinators from "True Blood," to help her get the on-screen gore right and prove that  Mark Wheaton's ebook would make a good horror film. Presumably the footage is being shopped around to investors before a feature film adaptation goes into production.  

The plot of Wheaton's book concerns a priest who gets some missed cues from God, leading to carnage at church summer camp. 

Wheaton is a screenwriter who worked on the Michael Bay produced reboot of "Friday the 13th." 

SUNDAY BILLY SUNDAY TEASER from morna ciraki on Vimeo.