Tim Robbins to Direct, Star in ‘Man Under’

Chloe Grace Moretz and Michelle Pfeiffer will also star in Tim Robbins' next project

Tim Robbins will direct and star in “Man Under,” a film that about a Yonkers family whose life is forever altered when a photo of them appears in New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

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The film, which will also star Chloe Grace Moretz and Michelle Pfeiffer, marks Robbins’ first feature directing gig since 1999’s “Cradle Will Rock.” He has directed a pair of episodes of HBO’s “Treme.”

As an actor, Robbins will next appear in Stuart Blumberg's "Thanks for Sharing,” which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and should open in theaters in 2013.

The Oscar-winning actor was nominated for an Academy Award as a director in 1996 for “Dead Man Walking.”

He’ll be directing “Man Under” from a script by Ann Cherkis.

UTA will arrange financing for the film, which Alexandra Milchan, Scott Lambert and Aimee Peyronnet are producing.

As for Robbins’ co-stars, Pfeiffer was last seen in Disney’s “People Like Us” and ‘Dark Shadows,” which also featured Moretz. Moretz is currently at work on the sequel to “Kick-Ass.”