‘Titanic 3D,’ Now With Even More Awesome Explosions! (Video)

Enjoyed James Cameron's 3D retrofit of his 1997 smash "Titanic"? Watch what it would look like on cinematic steroids

Sure, the 3D release of James Cameron's 1997 historical drama "Titanic" gave the film a shot in the arm. (It's like the iceberg was coming right at us!) But what could make the experience even more spine-tingling?

How about a few mega-explosions a la Michael Bay, a snazzy new soundtrack that the kids can really move to, and maybe an Imperial Stormtrooper or two?

Some visionary soul on the Internet has taken Cameron's cinematic retrofit even further, leading to a trailer for a film that we can only hope will be made sometime soon.

Strap yourselves in and enjoy the white-knuckle ride that is "Titanic SUPER 3D" in the video below.