Warner Bros. Extends Production Deal With Alcon 2 More Years

The deal that was set to expire in 2013 now runs through 2015

Warner Bros. Pictures and Alcon Entertainment have extended their financing and distribution agreement through 2015, the companies announced Friday.

Their deal had been set to expire in 2013.

With the pact in place for another two years, Alcon gets six more distribution slots.

Alcon and Warners have had an agreement for 13 years. Under it, Alcon finances and produces three movies each year. Warner Bros. distributes the movies either worldwide or domestically. The choice is Alcon's.

With the extension in place, Alcon can develop, finance and produce lower-budget movies not necessarily for Warners, although the studio has right of first refusal.

Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson founded Alcon in 1997 with backing from FedEx founder, chairman and CEO Frederick Smith.

The company produced the 2009 "The Blind Side," the 2002 "My Dog Skip" and many others.


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