MSNBC’s Kristen Welker Dodges Falling Equipment On Air: ‘It’s a Little Windy Out Here’ (Video)

The moment happened live Wednesday

Kristen Welker
NBC Universal

During a live hit on Wednesday afternoon, MSNBC’s Kristen Welker — clad, of course, in a face mask — dodged falling lights and simply acknowledged it was “windy” outside afterward.

She was talking about President Donald Trump’s conflicting statements on individual states’ handling of the coronavirus crisis when it happened: “He tweeted out, for example, Andrea, that the states like Virginia, Michigan and Minnesota should be ‘liberated,’ essentially siding with the protesters, as you say, and going against his own policies, so it is quite remarkably if not exactly clear…”

Two pieces of lighting equipment then toppled in front of Welker, one at a time, and she stepped back, continuing: “It’s a little windy out here, Andrea. The Attorney General was talking about what — ”

NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell cut in, “Oh, my gosh. Wh — Kristen, please. Kristen, why don’t you take a breath?”

Welker assured her colleague, “We’re okay!”

Sports website Pro Football Talk tweeted the moment, captioning it “First-round pocket presence.”

Welker retweeted the account, adding her own quip: “Put me in, coach!” For good measure, the Philadelphia native tagged the Twitter account for the Eagles NFL team.

In January, Welker was announced the new weekend co-anchor of “Today.” She started her career in journalism as a “Today” intern more than 20 years ago and is now co-anchoring weekends with fellow NBC News White House correspondent Peter Alexander.