MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle Tests Positive for COVID-19, Begs Please ‘Take This Seriously’ (Video)

The MSNBC anchor is the latest media personality to urge viewers not to succumb to pandemic fatigue

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle revealed Monday she tested positive for COVID-19 and wants her viewers to “take this seriously.” Though she’s been out of work for a few weeks, she said she is broadcasting from home for the near future as she feels well enough to continue.

During a segment on Rudy Giuliani’s Sunday COVID-19 diagnosis, the host of “MSNBC Live” said, “Rudy is just one of the more than 101,000 Americans who are waking up in hospital beds this morning and they are just some of the 14 million Americans who have had the virus. I am now one of those Americans.”

She went on, “After testing positive for COVID-19, I have spent the better part of the last two weeks in bed, isolating, and taking all the precautions needed to protect myself, my family and my community.”

Ruhle, who also serves as NBC News’ senior business correspondent, also noted that her husband and children contracted the virus, though the family has no idea where they came into contact with it and simply feels “very, very lucky” to be collectively on the mend, given how many others were not able to recover. “That is not the case for the families of the 283,000 Americans who have died. More than 2,000 of them died just yesterday.”

“As a person who is sick and scared, I am begging you: Please take this seriously,” she added.

The daytime anchor’s emotional appeal came just days after MSNBC’s primetime star, Rachel Maddow, revealed in mid-November that her own partner had been gravely ill with the virus. Maddow, too, pleaded with her audience to be careful and keep loved ones’ health at top-of-mind.

Watch Ruhle’s appeal above, via MSNBC.


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