MTV’s ‘Are You the One?': Can Technology Win Over Raging Hormones? (Exclusive Video)

The youth-skewing cable channel’s dating show tests to see if 20 singles can find their “true matches”

MTV is pitting technology against raging hormones with its new dating series, “Are You the One?”

Using a unique dating algorithm, 10 couples were matched by their compatibility. Then, the 20 single guys and gals were let loose on each other to see if technology was right. None of them know which person the algorithm has deemed to be their true match.

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Living with and dating one another while shooting the series in Kauai, Hawaii, a huge cash prize will go to all the singles if they could find the person they’ve been matched with within 10 attempts.

“Our millennial audience has no trouble dating or hooking up but making a deeper commitment is more challenging for them,” said MTV’s programming president, Susanne Daniels. “‘Are you the One?’ will provide clues to the contestants to help them find their perfect match. There’s unexpected emotional twists as they find it trickier than they imagined to break apart in the name and the game of finding true love.”

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Judging from TheWrap’s exclusive preview above, the road to discovering that person can and will get complicated.

“Are You the One?” premieres next Tuesday at 11/10c on MTV.