James Rosemond, Former Hip-Hop Mogul, Charged With Arranging Murder of 50 Cent Associate

Accused of arranging to kill a 50 Cent associate, "Jimmy Henchman" was also convicted of running a multimillion-dollar cocaine ring earlier this month

Even when the man they called "Jimmy Henchman" was on trial earlier this month for running a cocaine ring, his ties to the feud that led to the murders of two hip-hop legends preceded him.

On Friday, Manhattan officials charged James Rosemond with arranging the murder of an associate of the rapper 50 Cent.

On June 5, Rosemond was convicted in a Brooklyn federal court of peddling millions of dollars worth of cocaine.

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Rosemond, 47, was indicted for conspiring with five other men to kill the associate, Lowell Fletcher, in 2009.

"This has not been a good month for Jimmy the Henchman," Raymond W. Kelly, the New York police commissioner, said in a statement.

Rosemond's lawyer, Gerald L. Shargel, did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Rosemond is notorious in the hip-hop community for his alleged involvement — which he has consistently denied — in the bicoastal feud that led to the murders of rappers Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace, known as Biggie Smalls.

He served as the CEO of Czar Entertainment which managed big-name artists including the Game, 50 Cent, Akon, Brandy and boxer Mike Tyson.