KCRW Launches App on Spotify

KCRW is the first American radio station to create an app on the music-streaming program

KCRW-FM (89.9) became the first American radio station Thursday to launch an application on the music-streaming program Spotify.

The popular Santa Monica public radio station's "KCRW Music Mine" app resembles the iPad app it launched last September.

Though KCRW already streams online through its website, its entry onto the social-streaming service gives the station access to Spotify's growing user base, which hit 20 million last month.

Spotify's social sharing features, infamous for flooding Facebook feeds with friends' listening fixes, helps expand KCRW's digital footprint across social networks. 

After opening Spotify's desktop client, users can scroll through a patchwork of album art and DJ thumbnails, access up to 100 songs at a time and listen to live, on-air playlists.

Listeners can also click on a DJ's photo, opening an individually curated playlist of songs and shows. 

“Spotify’s musical offerings are tremendous and as music consumers adapt this technology into their listening habit," KCRW Director of New Media Anil Dewan told FishbowlLA. "KCRW will be right there offering a curated list of the best music from around the world."