Phil Spector Sues His City From Inside Prison

Record producer-turned-killer Phil Spector claims that his home has been devalued by landslides caused by the local government

Phil Spector is spending his time in the Big House these days — but it's his other house on the outside that he's worried about.

The former super-producer — who's currently serving 19 years to life for the 2003 murder of actress/hostess Lana Clarkson — filed suit against the city of Alhambra on Thursday, claiming that the city's construction work is threatening and devaluing his Alhambra, Calif. home.

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In the suit, filed by Spector and his wife Rachelle in Los Angeles Superior Court, the couple claims that their home "has been destabilized and damaged by deep-seated landsliding caused by road cuts constructed, maintained , operated, owned or controlled by the City of Alhambra and its various departments."

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The Spectors are seeking compensation for property damage, loss of use and value of the property and the cost of stabilizing the property. They're also seeking costs for temporary housing, storage and other damages.

It's a shame that he can't just use his Wall of Sound to fortify the place.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.