Bruce Springsteen Fires Back at London Authorities for Shutting Down His Show

The Boss starts off his Dublin show exactly where he and Paul McCartney got the hook Saturday in Hyde Park

You don’t hustle the Boss.

Getty Images

Bruce Springsteen may have been shut down during a key moment at his London concert last weekend, but at his show in Dublin on Tuesday, the veteran musician got in the last word. 

A few last words, actually.

Springsteen started his set by picking up “Twist and Shout” at the exact point where local authorities pulled the plug on his duet with Paul McCartney at Hyde Park on Saturday, according to the BBC.

As he launched into the song – this time without the ex-Beatle joining him — Springsteen cracked, “Before we were so rudely interrupted …”

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And the jokes didn’t end there. Springsteen followed "Twist and Shout" by playing a cover of “I Fought the Law,” hoisting a sign that read “Only the Boss says when to pull the plug” 

He then staged a fake “arrest” scene involving a man dressed as a London cop later in the show.

Message sent. But despite his defiant stance, Springsteen was ultimately compliant when it came to sticking to the rules in the Irish capital, wrapping up he his performance before the preset cut-off time of 11 p.m.