Tyler, the Creator Arrested on Sunset Strip

The brash young rapper wrecked some sound equipment at the Roxy

Tyler, the Creator, the brash, boisterous 20-year old rapper, was arrested Thursday night at the Roxy music club after a performance, according to TMZ.

It appears the Angeleno, whose real name is Tyler Okonma, was arrested for vandalism after trashing some of the venue’s equipment. Earlier reports indicated that he had assaulted the club’s sound engineer, but it now looks like he just had some harsh words for him.

One way to know that something happened? Okonma, who is the most prominent face of artistic collective Odd Future Wolfgang Kill Them All, is a prodigious tweeter and his account has been dormant for the past 24 hours. Meanwhile, those in attendance took to Twitter to report the news.

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Alan Yang, a screenwriter with "Parks and Recreation" credits to his name, posted a video online:

The arrest stirred a commotion on Sunset Boulevard, prompting the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Department to close down the street for half an hour.

The rapper, winner of Best New Artist at 2011’s MTV Video Music Awards, is set to release his third studio album in 2012.