‘Girls’ Star Zosia Mamet’s Kickstarter Campaign Off to Slow Start

The music video project has only raised $1,615 of her $32,000 goal

Like Zach Braff and the makers of "Veronica Mars" before her, Zosia Mamet has turned to Kickstarter in the hopes of raising money to get a passion project off the ground.

But the internet hordes aren't reaching for their wallets with much enthusiasm. The "Girls" star and her half-sister, the actress Clara Mamet, started a campaign on the crowd-funding site on Tuesday with the hopes of raising $32,000 to produce a music video.

So far, however, they have only amassed $1,615 from 41 backers in less than the time it took "Veronica Mars" to eclipse its $2 million fundraising goal. That equates to roughly five percent of the sisters' goal.

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The spawn of playwright David Mamet have partnered on a folk band called The Cabin Sisters.

"Our music has been something that we have kept to ourselves, it's been sort of just like a sisterly bond, but we'd love to share it with you guys," Zosia Mamet said. "It's another way for us to connect with you."

As an enticement, the sisters Mamet are offering Skype sessions, T-shirts, digital downloads of their album, autographed pictures and a signed banjo. Their campaign ends on June 9.

Zosia Mamet's "Girls" co-star and boss Lena Dunham tweeted a link to the campaign on Wednesday, urging her followers to show their support. However, Dunham noted that she was ambivalent about Kickstarter, even though she had used crowd-sourcing to help fund her feature film debut "Tiny Furniture."

"That's just to say, not sure about Kickstarter yet (though I do believe it can coexist w/ charity) but am sure I love my friend & coworker!," Dunham tweeted.