David Lynch’s ‘Crazy Clown Time’ Is Here to Melt Your Mind (Video)

"Blue Velvet" director David Lynch unleashes seven minutes of footage that could require a lifetime of therapy

David Lynch. "Crazy Clown Time." Music video. Really, is there anything else to say?

Sure — just as soon as we've regained our senses.

"Eraserhead" auteur Lynch has unleashed the new music video for his single "Crazy Clown Time" — the title track from his debut solo album, which was released last year. The result? Seven-plus minutes of brain-bending footage that will surely have therapists flipping through their yacht catalogs across the nation.

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Odd-looking young man sporting a Salvador Dali moustache? Check. Maniacal-looking dude flashing a thousand-yard glare as he menacingly pounds on a picnic bench? Oh, yeah. Topless, beer-drenched woman exacting revenge upon a tatted-up skinhead? Were you expecting anything less?

Grab the Thorazine and dive into the insane splendor of it all below. (Warning: Video contains partially obscured naked breasts, so if your boss frowns upon that sort of thing … it's probably time to find a new job.)