Jerry Seinfeld Joins Wale on New Album, ‘The Gifted’ (Video)

The comedian stepped out of his comfort zone to run some lines with the Washington D.C. rapper

Jerry Seinfeld is entering the rap game, temporarily. Don't worry though, he's not flowing over any beats — he's just making D.C. rapper Wale's dreams come true.

The comedian behind the "show about nothing" and the hip-hop artist recently recorded an intro for Wale's new album, "The Gifted." The somewhat surreal video evidence of the unlikely pairing was released Monday.

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Wale is following up his "Seinfeld"-inspired releases, "The Mixtape About Nothing" and "More About Nothing" with his latest offering, which is not named after a "Seinfeld" reference. Still, the stand-up comic and coffee enthusiast was happy to hop in the lab and improv back and forth with the rapper. It didn't take long for him to nail it.

Here's a video of the session. Jump to the 1:45 mark if you're only here to see Jerry.