Lana Del Rey’s New ‘Blue Jeans’ Clip Lays It Out in Black and White (Video)

"Video Games" singer Lana Del Rey languidly makes her way through her way through the promotional clip for "Blue Jeans"

Lana Del Rey — who caused shock waves of ridicule and disgust online with her sleep-inducing "Saturday Night Live" performance in January — is back to bravely face public scrutiny once again.

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The "Video Games" singer has released a new video for her song "Blue Jeans," from her most recent album "Born to Die." As might be expected from Del Rey at this point, the clip is a low-key affair, filmed in black and white and featuring the singer languidly lounging in a white bathing suit while singing her song.

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Oh, and at one point she also appears to swim with an alligator, in a presumed effort to inject some bite into the affair.

Does Del Rey come off any better in her new video than she did on "Saturday Night Live"? Share your thoughts in the comments section — after viewing the video below.