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‘MythBusters’ Warns Drivers: Dynamite Under Car Can Be Hazardous to Health (Exclusive Video)

Discovery’s hosts look at what happens to motorists and nearby pedestrians when blasted with powerful explosives

If you’ve ever wondered what nine sticks of dynamite will do to a car, “MythBusters” has finally put the mystery to rest.

In TheWrap‘s exclusive sneak peek from Saturday night’s upcoming episode of the Discovery science show, the “MythBusters” team tapes explosives to a car floor to see just how lethal they can be.

“I’m no ammunition expert, but I don’t think that car is going to be there when the smoke clears,” says host Adam Savage right after blowing the vehicle to smithereens.

When the dust eventually settles, the car is still there, although hardly drivable.

Surprisingly, “Buster,” the dummy, stays mostly intact. But a gaping hole in the car floor suggests he may not have survived the explosion.

“MythBusters” special effects experts Savage and Jamie Hyneman use a scientific method to debunk or confirm the validity of popular myths, movie scenes, adages, Internet videos, and news stories.

Watch the video here.

“MythBusters” airs on Saturdays at 9 p.m. on Discovery.