‘The Voice’ Top 10 Results: Why Every Performance Counts (Video)

Down to three great singers, the NBC talent show’s Instant Save keeps Cee Lo Green in the game

The Top 8 were chosen Tuesday on NBC’s “The Voice” and it really proves that every performance – even the ones performed on elimination night – can make all the difference.

If anyone was still wondering how this season’s new addition, the Instant Save, would affect the competition, we now know for sure.

In Tuesday’s Bottom 3 stood some very talented singers: Team Blake Shelton’s Austin Jenckes and Team Cee Lo Green‘s Kat Robichaud and Caroline Pennell.

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Yet in that threesome, Pennell has probably had the hardest time musically. A couple wrong song choices two weeks in a row had chipped away at her popularity. It made us believe her unique singer-songwriter style was limited and that she was a one-trick pony.

And while we expect the coaches to show some range for their artists, the limitations of Pennell’s voice has been shining through in her last couple song choices.

Then, she took the elimination stage on Tuesday with Team Adam Levine’s Tessanne Chin, the competitor from Jamaica who will probably win the competition, and we prepared ourselves for Pennell to look even further out of her league in comparison.

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Instead, we were reminded that with the right song and with Chin doing the heavy lifting that Pennell definitely had a place in this competition. Their take on Lorde’s “Royals” showed that both of these women could have a place in today’s music landscape.

And then, we’re back to the Bottom 3 and the viewers were asked to choose which of the three their tweets would instantly save from elimination. And though the other two singers have more range, more instruments in their arsenal and bigger personalities, Pennell convinced the viewers to give her another chance with that performance.

The Twitter Save, in which fans have a five-minute window to tweet #VoiceSave and a person’s name in order to spare someone from the week’s double elimination, has made every performance part of the competition. It’s proven to be a real game-changer.

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Green would’ve had an easier time if Robichaud and her vocal range, rocker energy and guitar prowess had moved forward. Now, he has just one more chance in Pennell and another week to keep her current.

The Top 8 are Pennell, Chin, James Wolpert (Team Adam), Matthew Schuler (Team Christina), Ray Boudreaux (Team Blake), Will Champlin (Team Adam), Jacquie Lee (Team Christina) and Cole Vosbury (Team Blake).

Do you think Pennell and her coach will be able to pull it together next week?