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Neil deGrasse Tyson Drops Science on B.o.B’s Flat Earth Claims

Astrophysicist educates rapper on why our planet is, in fact, round

Neil deGrasse Tyson just laid down all kinds of science on B.o.B.

The Atlanta rapper recently took to Twitter to post data that he claimed showed the Earth is actually flat. Tyson, being an astrophysicist and an elementary school graduate, couldn’t let that stand in good conscience.

In one tweet, B.o.B posted that if the earth was round, then the New York skyline should not be visible behind 170 feet of curved earth from nearby Bear Mountain.

“@bobatl Earth’s curve indeed blocks 150 (not 170) ft of Manhattan. But most buildings in midtown are waaay taller than that,” Tyson responded.

Tyson also took on B.o.B’s claim that Polaris is visible up to over 20 degrees south latitude. “Polaris is gone by 1.5 deg S. Latitude. You’ve never been south of Earth’s Equator, or if so, you’ve never looked up,” Tyson said.

“Flat Earth is a problem only when people in charge think that way,” he continued. “No law stops you from regressively basking in it.”

But in true NDGT style, he reminded everyone why he is our favorite scientist with one final tweet. “@bobatl Duude — to be clear: Being five centuries regressed in your reasoning doesn’t mean we all can’t still like your music,” he said.