Why the Creative Chief Behind ‘Queer Eye’ and ‘Legendary’ Rejects the ‘Niche’ Label

Office With a View: “We’re actually not as niche as you think we are,” Scout Productions’ Chief Creative Officer Rob Eric tells TheWrap

Scout Productions Chief Creative Officer Rob Eric

In his 18 years at Scout Productions, Chief Creative Officer Rob Eric worked on the original culture-redefining “Queer Eye” series on Bravo and its 2018 Netflix relaunch, as well as the voguing competition series “Legendary” on HBO Max, which returns for Season 3 on May 19.

“The buzz that is around Scout right now is fantastic. We worked a long time to put that out there,” Eric told TheWrap for this week’s edition of Office With a View.

Eric serves as executive producer on all Scout Productions projects, along with co-founders David Collins and Michael Williams, and oversees creative strategy and artistic execution at the company, which aims to “put microphones in front of voices that don’t often get heard,” he said.