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‘New Girl’ Cast Members Reveal Dream Plots for Show’s 200th Episode

TheWrap catches up with stars of the Fox comedy series at a party celebrating its 100th episode

“New Girl” recently hit a television milestone by airing its 100th episode, so TheWrap decided to look into the future by asking the show’s cast and writers what they would like to see happen in the 200th episode.

During a party for “New Girl” at the W hotel in Beverly Hills on Wednesday night, those behind the show revealed where they see the characters going in years to come.

Their answers were all delightfully weird.

Bear in mind, this is a show that has prominently featured a badger in an air duct, an Elvis impersonation at a funeral and Jamie Lee Curtis on acid.

Lamorne Morris (Winston)

“It’s ‘New Girl’ in Hawaii. Summer time. We’re on the beach and Winston gets caught up in a love triangle with a bunch of island girls. He doesn’t know what to do. The rest of the cast, they’re off sipping mai tais. I’m just laying on a beach, and this is happening to me. It’s so erotic, we end up not being able to air it on Fox. They end up airing it on HBO instead.”

Max Greenfield (Schmidt)

“Outer space. I think Nick and Schmidt are the first two men to find habitat on Mars. They succeed where Matt Damon failed. And they just exist there. They have bunk beds — Schmidt’s on top. And they just find a life for themselves on Mars.”

Hannah Simone (Cece)

“I have no idea [laughs]. I have no clue what 200 would even look like. I’m having a panic attack just thinking about it.”

Liz Meriwether (Creator, Writer), Dave Finkel (Executive Producer, Writer), Brett Baer (Executive Producer, Writer)

Liz: “I want it to be the same as ‘Bones” 200th episode.”
Brett: “Yeah, there’s a hand in a field and Jess stumbles upon it.”
Dave: “We’re doing severed hand comedy now.”