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‘New Girl’ Final Season Mystery: Does Furguson the Cat Die?

We asked creator Liz Meriwether exactly that question — and it’s not looking great for Winston’s furry friend

(Warning: Spoilers from the seventh and final season of Fox’s “New Girl” may or may not exist below. You’ll see what we mean.)

Cat people, you may want to sit down for this one: We don’t think things are looking great for Furguson the cat on the final season of “New Girl.”

About 20 minutes after series creator Elizabeth Meriwether teased a character death coming in Season 7, which takes place three years after Season 6, TheWrap asked if the show’s writers can tell us what Winston’s (Lamorne Morris) fluffy feline will be up to then — “hopefully alive,” added this reporter (and Furguson fan).

“He’s just chillin’,” Morris answered.

“We actually can’t,” Meriwether said, with more than a hint of sincerity in her tone.

“He’s in the witness protection program,” star Zooey Deschanel chimed in, as the cast and producers all seemingly scrambled to not say anything.

Though this awkward moment had a real tone of purposeful avoidance, spinning away from questions at the Television Critics Association’s press tour is something of a sport. The twice-annual event puts television’s top talents in front of a room full of reporters — but those talents often go to great lengths to not say anything of note. Like this time, which went on for a little while.

“We can’t,” Meriwether spoke again, appearing more than a little bit mortified by the question.

Morris jumped back in: “He’s out there in the streets,” he said of his on-screen kitty. “He’s always in the streets.”

“There’s a whole episode dedicated to Furguson,” one of the other executive producers on the panel said.

That particular answer didn’t give us any more confidence.

All of this weirdness led us to follow-up by asking specifically if the caginess meant Furguson was (tragically) the dead character Meriwether teased. This was a news conference, after all.

“Nooooo,” Meriwether said, clearly not wanting to go there.

“That actor — that cat actor — is actually in high demand,” she recovered.

“He’s really expensive,” another producer concurred. We bet.

So, there you have it? We really hope we’re wrong, and if we’re right? Hisssssssss.