New ISIS Video Connects Paris Attackers to Terror Group

Video suggests Britian and Prime Minister David Cameron may be targeted next

ISIS video

The men who carried out the deadly terror attacks in Paris last November are featured in a newly released ISIS video, according to the New York Times. The video appears to show the Paris attackers carrying out executions in Syria and Iraq.

If the video turns out to be legit, it’s the first concrete evidence that the Paris attackers carried out their mission on behalf of ISIS. While it’s been over two months since 130 people were killed in the carefully orchestrated attacks, this isn’t uncommon for the terror group.

“We know that their propaganda wing is very patient and happy to bide their time until the product they have is deemed to be perfect,” Transcultural Conflict and Violence Initiative at Georgia State jihadist monitor senior researcher Charlie Winter told the Times.

The video allegedly proves the Paris attackers carried out additional attacks on behalf of ISIS prior to the November incident. ISIS began teasing the video last week with an image in Dabiq, the group’s monthly magazine.

The video was finally released on Sunday and shows seven of the alleged Paris attackers directly addressing the camera.

The graphic video allegedly includes beheadings and promises that the group plans additional attacks with Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron specifically mentioned as a potential target.