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New Jackson Single, Album in October

New ”This Is It“ song and double-album are due in October, leading up to the late pop star’s movie.

A new Michael Jackson single and album will be released in the next few weeks, in advance of the fallen pop star’s performance movie.


The "This Is It" single will be the first new music released since the singer died last summer, Sony Music said. The song, which comes out Oct. 12, features backing vocals by Jackson’s brothers.


The double-disc album will contain several versions of the new song and a spoken poem by Jackson.


The album’s first disc features the songs performed in the "This Is It" concert-rehearsal movie, in their original studio versions and in the order they’re performed in the film.


Side 2 contains unreleased versions of music already released by Jackson.


The "This Is It" album comes out Oct. 27 in the U.S., a day after the international release.


The highly anticipated "This Is It" movie debuts Oct. 28. in a two-week limited release.