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New ‘Muppets’ Promos Star Kerry Washington, Nathan Fillian’s Butt (Videos)

ABC’s felt funnies reboot premieres Sept. 22

In three new promos for ABC’s upcoming comedy comeback “The Muppets,” Miss Piggy and Kermit deal with their recent breakup in different ways, and the Swedish Chef is still as incomprehensible as ever.

The first promo depicts Miss Piggy filming a commercial for the show, but is derailed when she gets distracted by “Castle” star Nathan Fillion and his butt.

“I’m sorry … can we cut?” Miss Piggy asks. “Nathan … sweetie … you gotta move. It’s your butt. It’s super distracting.”

Meanwhile, Kerry Washington is attempting to take a selfie with love-hurt Kermit, who doesn’t seem to be doing as well with the breakup as former flame Miss Piggy. Kermit announced the couple’s split via Twitter on Aug. 4.

“If you could just … not look so sad,” Washington tells Kermit as she snaps a picture with him.

Finally, “The Middle’s” Patricia Heaton tries to understand the Swedish Chef in a third promo, but he’s just muttering to himself.

ABC’s “The Muppets” premieres Sept. 22 at 8 p.m. ET. The series will explore the Muppets’ personal lives and relationships, both at home and at work. Elizabeth Banks and Topher Grace are set to make appearances on the show.

Watch the promos below.