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New ‘Warcraft’ Ad: a Duel Between Man And Orc (Video)

The one-minute ”Warcraft“ movie ad is all about action and stern looks

The marketing is starting to ramp up for Duncan Jones‘ blockbuster adaptation of the “Warcraft” video game franchise. This new ad focuses on the most easily communicated mass-appeal aspects of the movie — namely, the fighting.

The first half of the minute-long spot is devoted to a one-on-one standoff between a human and a hulking, hammer-wielding orc. The sequence features some inventive over-the-orc’s-shoulder cinematography, something that works to ground the film as well as pay homage to its video game roots.

With both video game adaptations and fantasy films being very hit-or-miss in movie theaters, it remains to be seen if “Warcraft” can end up as a hit with the masses — or if those talking giant green guys will be too large of an obstacle. Regardless, as this clip shows, it won’t be lacking in spectacle.

“Warcraft” smashes into theaters June 10.