NY Times Editor Fires Back at Conservative Critics: Our Gun Coverage Is Balanced (Video)

Jill Abramson defends newspaper from allegations of bias against gun owners

The New York Times respects the Second Amendment, executive editor Jill Abramson insisted in an interview with “That Girl” star and social activist Marlo Thomas.

Asked to comment on conservatives’ criticism of the newspaper as “excessively liberal” in its coverage of gun control, Abramson told Thomas, “The New York Times is the New York Times, and I think it reflects a very cosmopolitan inclusive outlook which can strike some readers as liberal.”

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In the wake of the Newtown school shooting in 2012, conservative watchdog blog NewsBusters found multiple instances of anti-gun editorializing in the Times’ news stories.

“I think that the news pages are not ideological; opinion is the province of our editorial and op-ed pages and the opinion section of our website,” Abramson responded.

“What I do to guard against opinion creeping too far into our news coverage is just watch it and make sure that on certain stories — guns would be one — that 100 percent of our stories aren’t told from the perspective of ‘How could Americans be so connected to their guns?’ This is to recognize that this is a deep part of American society and that we cover it from every angle,” she said.

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Watch Abramson’s gun remarks below: