NY Times Indefinitely Postpones Return to Office

The paper cites surging COVID-19 cases as it delays staffers’ office return

new york times
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The New York Times announced Friday that its employees’ return to the office is indefinitely postponed as Delta variant COVID-19 cases surge. The date set for the return to the office was Sept. 7. Staffers were to work from their bureaus three times per week.

“In light of the evolution of the virus, including new trends around the Delta variant and the updated guidance from the C.D.C. this week on masking, we have decided to push out our plans for a full return at this time,” said CEO of the New York Times Company Meredith Kopit Levien in an internal email that was then reported on by the Times itself.

The company’s offices will be open for employees who want to go in voluntarily, but they’ll be required to show proof of vaccination.

Earlier this week, the Washington Post announced its employees will need to show proof of vaccination by mid-September to gain entry to offices as they reopen and as a condition of their employment. Exceptions will be made for those with health-related or religious conflicts.

The Times did not set a new date for a proposed return to the office.

Many Americans have been working remotely since COVID-19 cases first began spiking throughout the country in March of 2020.


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