Newsmax Host Repeatedly Shrieks ‘It’s Not Over’ After Trump Loses Presidency… Again (Video)

Supreme Court rejected latest lawsuit attempting to overthrow valid elections in swing states

Newsmax host Greg Kelly sounded like a whiny broken record on Friday, repeatedly yelling “it’s not over!” after the Supreme Court turned down a Texas lawsuit pushing to overturn election results in four key battleground states.

That means that despite the Trump administration’s ceaseless efforts to flip the presidential election in his favor, Joe Biden remains the President-Elect.

But Kelly, like Trump and so many of his supporters, is still not willing to throw in the towel.

“It’s not over. It’s not over,” Kelly said in the Newsmax segment, which you can watch above. “Yes, there is breaking news, the Supreme Court has turned down — you can put that — yeah, go ahead, leave it up,” he said, pausing to acknowledge the graphic on the screen next to him that read “It’s Not Over (NOT EVEN CLOSE)” above a picture of Trump.

Though the lawsuit was filed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and was backed by 17 attorney generals from other states, the Supreme Court ultimately decided that it did not hold water — much like the dozens upon dozens of other unsuccessful lawsuits the Trump administration has filed.

“It’s not over. The Supreme Court did turn down the Texas case. You know by now the Attorney General of Texas was suing Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin along with about 20 other states,” Kelly continued, before going on a rant about how he believes that despite being shut down at every turn, Trump still has a chance to win back the election.

“We have the order issued just a few minutes ago. I’ll read it for you, but I want to emphasize before I do, we have the situation in Pennsylvania that has not been settled, we have Georgia that has not been settled, we have Michigan that has not been settled, independent of this lawsuit from Texas.”

Watch the clip above.


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