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Newt Gingrich Loses Crucial Gary Busey Vote

Actor un-endorses former House speaker

Gary Busey's crucial endorsement for the Republican presidential nomination is once again up for grabs.

The former "Celebrity Apprentice" star endorsed Donald Trump for president in April. But with Trump taking himself out of the running, Busey this week endorsed Newt Gingrich in an interview with The Hill.

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But: In a stunning reversal, Busey now believes it is too early in the process to endorse, he said in a statement to the publication. "It is not time for me to be endorsing anyone at this time! When there are the two final candidates, then I will endorse," he said.

Could Busey be waiting to see if Trump will re-enter the race as an independent, given Trump's recent flirtation with the idea? Could he know something about The Donald's intentions that we don't?

And does anyone think he'll end up endorsing President Obama before this whole thing is over?