Joe Scarborough Flips on Gun Control After Newtown Shootings (Video)

The MSNBC host says his children are the same age as the 20 young victims

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough says he now favors gun control because of the Newtown, Conn. killings.

ScreenshotNoting that he has children the same age as many of the the victims, the former Republican congressman said he no longer holds his old, libertarian views on the Second Amendment.

"I knew that day that the ideologies of my past career were no longer relevant to the future that I want, that I demand for my children," he said on "Morning Joe" Monday. "Friday changed everything. It must change everything. We all must begin anew and demand that Washington's old way of doing business is no longer acceptable."

He noted that media outlets face restrictions on portraying murders, including with MPAA ratings and FCC limits, and said guns should have limits, too.

"Entertainment moguls don't have an absolute right to glorify murder while spreading mayhem in young minds across America," he said. "And our Bill of Rights does not guarantee gun manufacturers the absolute right to sell military-style, high-caliber, semi-automatic combat assault rifles with high-capacity magazines to whoever the hell they want. It is time for Congress to put children before deadly dogmas."

Watch the video:

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