Will Sulzberger’s Cousin Get the CEO Job at NY Times?

Michael Golden is getting some looks as successor to departing Janet Robinson

Is Michael Golden the early favorite to become the New York Times’ Company’s next CEO?

That’s what one tipster suggested to Jim Romenesko in an e-mail.

How does that person know? Employees who once reported straight to former CEO Janet Robinson now appear to report to Golden, cousin of publisher and chairman Arthur Sulzberger Jr., on the company's organizational chart.

Ever since Robinson announced in December she’d be stepping aside, there has been a great deal of speculation as to who would succeed her. Will it come from within or will they bring in new blood? Will it be a digital hire or an old media person?

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The New York Post’s Keith Kelly initially speculated that Golden was being positioned to take the top spot after the Times sold its regional newspaper group to Halifax media. Golden had run that syndicate of 16 newspapers.

Now this e-mail adds more fuel to the fire.