Nick Cannon Drops Another Eminem Diss Song, ‘Pray For Him,’ and the Internet Isn’t Budging (Video)

Or even spelling the “Masked Singer” host’s name right at this point

Nick Cannon and The Black Squad (Conceited, Charlie Clips, Hitman Holla and Prince Eazy) have dropped another Eminem diss track, but “Pray For Him” seems to be getting the same response from the internet as “The Invitation.”

Which is, to say, a very small percentage of people are embracing Cannon’s guns-blazing approach — or even the notion that the “Masked Singer” host would be fit to sharpen Slim Shady’s lyric-writing No. 2 pencils.

Though “Pray For Him” is a better diss song than “The Invitation” was, this one is even a better example of Cannon’s collaborators doing the heavy lifting. As talented as some of them are, the opinion of social media users — and this writer — seems to be that they don’t stand a chance against Marshall Mathers, solo or in summation.

For his part, all Eminem has contributed to this war of words (you know, besides those old songs about Cannon’s ex-wife Mariah Carey, that verse on Fat Joe’s “Lord Above,” etc.) is a few tweets.

Catch Cannon and his crew’s new music video above.

Below are some choice responses from the Twitter community, who seems to not even be bothering to spell Cannon’s last name correctly at this point.


This one is great — that’s Anthony Mackie as soon-to-be-former battle-rap champion Papa Doc in Eminem’s feature film “8 Mile.” Now while he stands tough, notice that Mackie does not have his hands up.

That one wouldn’t be the last movie scene used to take the “Wild ‘N Out” TV star down a peg or two.