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Nicollette Sheridan to Court: Marc Cherry Gave Me a ‘Nice Wallop’

In $6M wrongful-termination suit trial, the ”Desperate Housewives“ star says, ”It was shocking, humiliating and demeaning“

Nicollette Sheridan tearfully described being hit by "Desperate Housewives" creator Marc Cherry in testimony Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court. 

Sheridan said that Cherry administered a "nice wallop" to the left side of her head after they disagreed about a scene from the ABC soap opera's fifth season. 

”I was stunned," Sheridan said. "I couldn't believe he just hit me, and I looked at him and I could tell he was stunned." 

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At her lawyer's request, she also physically demonstrated how Cherry had slapped her. 

The testimony came as part of Sheridan's $6 million wrongful-termination suit against Cherry and ABC, the network behind "Desperate Housewives." 

Sheridan claims that her character Edie Britt was killed off on the series after she complained about Cherry's treatment. 

"It was shocking, humiliating and demeaning," Sheridan said. "It was unfathomable to me that I was just hit by my boss."

Sheridan said that after he hit her, she told Cherry loudly, "that is not OK, that is not OK."

The actress said that after the incident, she told Neal McDonough, who played her husband on the show, and her lawyer Neil Meyer what had happened. 

Sheridan said that the blow-up occurred after the actress pushed Cherry to write funnier dialogue for her character. She said that she had previously had a humorous line, in which Edie Britt quoted the Beatles song "She Loves You," but that the line was cut after producers balked at paying for rights. 

Sheridan said that Cherry later came to her trailer, begging her forgiveness. He later agreed to write a new humorous line for Britt to say. 

In place of the Beatles lyric, Sheridan aped a Wild Cherry song, saying instead, "Play that funky music middle-aged white boys." 

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