Nobody Is Buying Trump Lawyer Bruce Castor’s ‘Nonsense’ Impeachment Defense

“I’m no lawyer, but not even a cat filter could save Bruce Castor right now,” CNN correspondent Omar Jimenez joked

nobody is buying trump lawyer bruce castor nonsense impeachment

Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial is underway, and it’s already gotten weird. One of Trump’s new lawyers, Bruce Castor, made quite an impression on Tuesday when he spoke for nearly an hour without saying much of anything with any substance, and folks on Twitter had all sorts of thoughts about his inane rambling.

For example, at one point during his argument that it’s unconstitutional to impeach a president who’s out of office, Castor suggested that actually Trump should have been arrested and charged with a crime rather than be impeached. Perhaps not the best point to make here — considering Trump could be arrested too.

At another point, Castor cited “the slipper slope principle” to say that the result of Trump’s second impeachment, Republicans might respond with a frivolous impeachment of Eric Holder, who was Obama’s attorney general for six years.

Castor went on and on like that at length, saying very little and making numerous specious arguments. And folks on Twitter who were watching from home were not amused by his inane rambling. And the consensus seems to be from those watching on TV that Castor was making it up as he went along.

Which is perhaps not ideal for someone trying to make legal arguments.

You can check out a sampling of those responses below, starting with one that makes apt use of the “What you just said…” speech from “Billy Madison.”

We also got a couple folks referencing that viral video in which a lawyer accidentally activated a Zoom filter that made him look like a little kitty cat — something that perhaps Castor wishes he had during his speech.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Trump is being impeached for a second time for inciting the Jan. 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol that left five dead, including a Capitol police officer. House Democrats filed just one article of impeachment, for high crimes and misdemeanors related to that incitement of violence.


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