NY Daily News, NY Post Stump for Gun Control on Their Front Pages

New York's two major tabloids make a big editorial push for more gun control post-Newtown shootings

New York's tabloids are on the stump for new gun-control legislation following Friday's mass murder of 20 children and six women in Newtown, Conn.

New York Daily NewsThe New York Daily News splashed Tuesday's front page with an image of the Capitol building covered in blood and the headline: "BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS."

The daily also urged readers to sign its petition calling for a ban on assault weapons.

"Thirty-four Americans are killed every day by firearms. The total killed in just 6-months is equal to all American combat deaths over the entire length of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars," the petition reads. "After the tragic murder of 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School, we call on Congress to immediately ban all assault weapons and high-capacity magazines and institute comprehensive gun control."

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The New York Post, the News Corp.-owned tabloid, fell in line with CEO Rupert Murdoch's call on Friday for a ban on assault weapons — which it labeled "high-tech military knock-offs" — in an editorial.

"There are enough privately owned firearms in America almost literally to arm every adult citizen," the editorial board wrote. "And Adam Lanza’s rifle of choice — the M-16 knock-off Bushmaster — is insanely popular, just for starters."

Murdoch demanded the ban, similar to the long-standing laws in his native Australia, in a tweet. The Post appears to have toed the chief's line, even while its fellow News Corp. property, Fox News, has not.

New York magazine's Gabriel Sherman wrote on Monday that an executive producer at the conservative-leaning cable channel told his staff not to mention gun control on air, because "this network is not going there."