NYT Co.-Owned Newspaper Rolls Out Paywall

Metered model prices could provide clue to what Times will charge next year

As the New York Times Company continues to prep a metered online paywall for its flagship newspaper, another paper owned by the company is giving paid content on the Web a go.

The Worcester (Mass.) Telegram & Gazette announced that, beginning Monday, it would charge visitors who view more than 10 local news articles per month. (The Telegram’s print subscribers won’t be charged for access.) The paper is offering day passes (for $1) and monthly passes (for $14.95) – price-points that could provide a hint to people who’ve been wondering what the Times will charge for users when it rolls out its own paywall next year.

The Times has been intentionally vague on details about its plans.

Meanwhile, the Telegram’s announcement is generating some scathing user comments. Like this one:

Won't pay for it. Stopped home delivery a long time ago because T&G is really not even a good newspaper. The web version is more of the same: not well organized and not easy to navigate. I'll still check the obit's as they are the only 'articles' of interest. Pretty soon I'll be reading the obituary of the late Telegram and Gazette.