O-Town Rises Like a Phoenix From the Ashes of Their Career to Release New Single ‘Skydive’ (Audio)

It’s the boy band’s first song in 10 years

Backstreet has been back for quite some time, but now another boy band popular at the turn of the new millennium has returned with new music for tens of fans who have been waiting 10 long years to hear them.

O-Town, a group best known for releasing two hit songs and starring in two seasons of MTV’s “Making the Band,” dropped new single “Skydive” this week.

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It’s the first track from their upcoming third album “Lines & Circles,” which will be released on Aug. 3.

The boys disbanded in 2003 after their second album, “O2,” failed to find the same commercial success as their self-titled debut did in 2000.

Listen to “Skydive,” below, but don’t expect to hear former bandmate Ashley Parker Angel’s heavenly voice, as he opted out of this marginally anticipated reunion.