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President Obama, Hillary Clinton Take Shots at Donald Trump in First Joint Campaign Stop

”Everybody can tweet, but nobody actually knows (what it takes),“ POTUS says in shot at the GOP’s presumptive nominee

President Barack Obama said there’s never been any man or woman more qualified to be president than Hillary Clinton in his first public appearance on the campaign trail to support the presumptive Democratic nominee.

Obama and Clinton held the love fest at a Charlotte, North Carolina rally, where the duo traded compliments early and often while bashing presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump as much as possible.

Clinton spoke first, praising Obama and his family while jabbing Trump. She said Obama has never forgotten where he comes from, before delivering the punchline.

“Donald, if you’re tweeting, it’s Hawaii,” she said, a reference to the “birther” campaign that Trump led against Obama by repeatedly demanding to see his birth certificate back in 2011.

Obama went next, taking the podium as the crowd chanted, “Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!”

POTUS said he’s “fired up” before delivering a speech that mocked Trump as much as it praised Clinton. He often made not-so-subtle references such as “this is not a reality show” and having not been born with a “silver spoon.” Obama also praised Clinton’s debate skills, saying she kept him on his toes during the 2008 Democratic primary.

“Everybody can tweet, but nobody actually knows [what it takes],” Obama said in another shot at Trump.

I’m ready to pass the baton. That’s why I’m with her,” Obama said, invoking Clinton’s campaign slogan.

It’s shaping up to be a good day for Clinton, as the FBI recommended earlier on Tuesday that no charges be brought against her in the infamous email scandal that has been the subject of many of Trump’s tweets.