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OJ Simpson Prosecutor Chris Darden Dodges Marcia Clark Relationship Question (Video)

”I’ll wait until Marcia is sitting next to me to talk about it in greater detail,“ he tells ”Today’s“ Savannah Guthrie

O.J. Simpson double-homicide prosecutor Christopher Darden didn’t watch FX’s “American Crime Story,” but that doesn’t mean he lacks a strong opinion about the anthology show’s first season.

“I lived through it, I knew the series would not be accurate,” he told “Today” show’s Savannah Guthrie on Monday.

The two then got down to brass tax, like the so-called Trial of the Century’s underlying racial issues, the glove that didn’t fit and, of course, Darden’s alleged budding romance with boss Marcia Clark that was portrayed in the series.

“I’ll wait until Marcia is sitting next to me … to talk about it in greater detail,” he told Guthrie. “But, you know, people want that. People want a happy ending to what was otherwise a terrible ending.”

While Darden mostly avoided the highly personal topic, he added the following:
“Look at it from my position as a lawyer, and people looking back at the trial. If I were to say that I had a relationship with Marcia Clark, people would say we lost the case because we were more interested in intimacy than in the law and the facts — and that’d be an even worse position to be in.”

“The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story” depicted Darden (Sterling K. Brown) and Clark (Sarah Paulson) as co-workers who became friends — and maybe more. The will they/won’t they was a hot plot line, though the Ryan Murphy series never really made a definitive statement about how far the relationship went.

Watch the video below.