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On One Cable Network, Donald Trump Gets Less Airtime Than John Kasich

Group studied the airtime of Fox, CNN and MSNBC over four weeks

In most of the cable media landscape, Donald Trump’s flash and frontrunner status earn him much more airtime than his rivals. But not on MSNBC, where John Kasich rules.

As reported by Newsbusters, the conservative Media Research Center logged Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC prime time interviews from March 21 to April 15 with the remaining Republican presidential candidates and their supporters.

The numbers were unsurprising on Fox News, where Trump led with 397 minutes, followed by Ted Cruz with 164 minutes and Kasich with 105. CNN gave Trump 331 minutes, compared to 265 for Ted Cruz and 134 for Kasich.

But MSNBC’s rankings were surprisingly different: Kasich got 115 minutes of airtime compared to only 71 for Trump and 65 for Cruz.

The data includes network-sponsored town halls, as well as sit-downs with a network host, but not debates or live coverage of rallies or speeches.

The MRC notes that “gap between Trump and his competitors on Fox might have been wider but for the fact that the campaign in early April moved from the Midwest to New York, where all three cable news operations are headquartered.”

Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany, who appeared on CNN for a total of 70 minutes during the four weeks, is the top surrogate for any candidate.