Opie Responds to SiriusXM Firing From the Beach, With a Message About Vagina (Video)

Specifically, your mom’s

Last Updated: July 7, 2017 @ 2:23 PM

Gregg “Opie” Hughes has remained mostly mum on the subject of his sudden ousting from SiriusXM, but now he’s got a message for fans. And it’s about vagina — specifically, your mom’s.

“There is one thing I wasn’t able to do on my final show on SiriusXM, so here ya go,” Hughes said in a video posted to YouTube on Friday.

Opie then panned to a message he carved into the sand: “YOUR MOM’S BOX.”

That probably seems bizarre to some — and surely gross to many — but the sentiment has precedent. Of course, Hughes and his former radio partner Anthony Cumia are the ones to have set it.

Before signing off of terrestrial radio for the final time, Opie and Anthony delivered the “Your mom’s box” line into the microphone. That would since be repeated by pretty much every staffer that was let go throughout the years.

Watch one of the main “Your Mom’s Box” moments here:

The phrase has become a signal to fans that the person uttering it may not be back to work the following day, per the Urban Dictionary. Considering how many times Opie and Anthony were canned by management, fans of Hughes’ solo show were wondering why they never heard it this time.

Watch Opie’s beach video above, in which he promises, “See you guys soon.”

Cumia was fired three years ago for posting racist remarks on social media, after he claimed an African-American woman attacked him in Times Square.