Oprah’s Secret: Somehow She Still Has One

Family secret to be revealed today. Is it a twin? Because that would explain a lot

Apparently there's something you still don't know about Oprah Winfrey.

Monday's "Oprah Winfrey Show" will feature another big reveal from the ever-sharing queen of talk, but Winfrey won't say what it is except that it involves her family.

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"I thought I'd seen it all. But this, my friends, is the miracle of all miracles," she said in a promotion for Monday's broadcast.

"I was given some news that literally shook me to my core. This time, I'm the one being reunited," she said. "I was keeping a family secret for months, and on Monday you're going to hear it straight from me."

Our guess: She has a twin who's in charge of all things OWN. (It would also explain this.)